• Retiring Devices with Data Storage Requirement

    Devices to be retired that have data storage devices like hard drives, solid state drives etc should have the storage device wiped and/or the storage device should be destroyed. To be clear this has been a long standing practice in the department. Purpose Privacy Scope All devices with data storage Roles & Responsibilities Technology Services […]

  • Please Lock Your Computer/Device – Requirement

    For staff members, When you step away from your computer please lock it. It is an important and required step to protect private student information accessible through your computer and accounts. If you access systems via personally owned mobile devices or computers it is expected that you pin/password lock those devices as well to protect […]

  • Network Switching – no hubs Requirement

    Due to future changes with the Provincial Next Generation Network any network hubs must be changed to managed switches. No more small hubs will be purchased. We have not been using large hubs for several years but there are locations where a small hub was put in place to accommodate one or two extra computers. […]

  • Purchasing of Devices and Digital Citizenship and Safety Planning Requirement

    For purchases of devices that students will be using there must be a plan in place for explicit teaching of Digital Citizenship and Safety before deployment of the devices. (iPads/Chromebooks/etc) The Technology Administrator will discuss with the site Administrator prior to purchasing to verify that a plan is in place or will be in place […]

  • Printing from Private Devices – Procedure

    We do not support printing from personally owned devices. A suggest route is to email/transfer the file to yourself and print from a district desktop or laptop with supported printing. Purpose Related to Board Policy 4005 https://www.prn.bc.ca/policy/?p=44 Scope Personally owned devices Roles & Responsibilities Technology Services staff do not install or service printer connections on private […]

  • Service Interruptions Requirement

    For planned service interruptions TS staff are responsible to provide as much notice as possible and limit where practical interruptions that will affect education or business processes. Estimated timelines should be provided with verification. TS Staff should schedule interruptions where possible with affected school / department / user. For unplanned service interruptions TS staff will […]

  • DWL Password Changes – Requirement

    As a security measure, those requesting a DWL (District Wide Login) password change must do so via their site secretary or administrator through a work order or by the UMRA tool accessible by the site secretary. This may also be done in person via the site technician, provided they know the staff member, and they will create the […]

  • Printer Purchasing – Procedure

    Procedure: Printers (purchasing and servicing) New Printer Moratorium Moratorium discussion from March 2012 http://www.prn.bc.ca/ts/?p=1514 Technology Services will no longer support the addition of new printers to the school district unless they have a specific educational purpose (ie adding a drafting class and needing a plotter, a new fine arts class needs a color printer etc) This […]

  • Ordering – Requirement

    Schools wishing to order through technology services must do so via work order (helpdesk.prn.bc.ca). Please include what you are looking to order as well as the account code to charge. If the order is for a computer we will normally purchase Dell or Apple computers for schools. If the order is for a printer please […]

  • Acceptable Internet Use – Board Policy 4001

    A couple of highlights from Board Policy 4001 – Acceptable Internet Use which governs all staff and students in their use of online resources along with the Acceptable Use Agreement which all students/parents are to receive at the beginning of the year if they wish to use any technology in the district. Internet access is […]