Bring Your Own Device in SD60

School District 60 recognizes students and staff may bring portable technology to school (BYOD). SD60’s Public wireless network provides an opportunity for personal laptops, chromebooks, phones, tablets, handheld devices, etc. to be used in the classroom and school for educational purposes to support learning. The acceptable use agreement applies to anyone connecting to our network.

How BYOD will impact learning

Using personally-owned technology in classrooms can:

  • improve achievement and learning in all programs based on ISTE NETS;
    • Creativity and Innovation – explore, assemble and express ideas, multimedia, etc.
    • Communication and Collaboration – student-student, student-staff, one-to-one, one-to-many, voice, local/global connections
    • Research and Information Fluency – student self-directed inquiry, digital content
    • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making – manage projects, solve problems, make informed decisions
    • Digital Citizenship – learning responsible, effective, safe, respectful use of technology
  • provide a broad range of student opportunities for differentiation and student engagement;
  • improve overall access to technology
  • encourage further development of effective school and board policy around personally-owned/personal devices

BYOD Classrooms

Classes need to establish success criteria and norms to facilitate the effective, safe and respectful use of technology. The SD60 Computer Acceptable Use Agreement along with the Student Code of Conduct provides more details of how technology should be used within our schools.

The use of electronic devices will be self-regulated by students at the discretion of the classroom teacher. Students assume all responsibility for the security of their own devices and are expected to keep them secure at all times. SD60 and its schools are not responsible for the loss, damage or theft of any personal equipment brought to school.

The use of student-owned technology is optional and not required. All students will continue to have access to computer labs or other technology in the school.  Students will be encouraged to work collaboratively with devices while conducting research and projects in small groups.

Students will have access to the SD60-Public wireless network, which will permit them to use the Internet and our Learn60 system. Students will also be able to access and save their documents from their personal devices through their Learn60 account (e.g

Printing is available from networked desktop computers or the local school PaperCut system which students can access with their District Wide Login account (eg joestudent14 and same password as their Learn60 account).

All students will benefit from greater access to board-owned equipment by allowing students to bring their own computers from home.

Devices (Matrix)

Devices change too frequently to recommend any one specifically. Below is a table to help you compare different device types. Trades people have different tools for different jobs and that is the case for technology as well. Some devices are better suited for different jobs.

TypeInternetWatching VideoTaking Pictures / Video Editing Pictures / VideoLearn60 Apps (Docs etc)Ability to Load Software or AppsBattery Life
SmartPhones or iPod TouchesBestLimitedGoodAppsGood
Android TabletsGoodGoodBetterAppsBetter
Apple TabletsGoodBetterGoodAppsBetter
Notebooks / Laptops (PC or Mac)Good with limitationsBetterBestSoftwareVariable
ChromebooksGood with  limitationsLimitedBestWeb AppsVariable

*Scale: Limited – Good – Better – Best
*Gaming devices are not recommended.
*eReaders without ability to access the Google Play store are not recommended
*Product features vary within categories

Special Offers for SD60 Families

Equity of access to technology is a key priority for the SD60 board. That’s why we’ve worked with a number of technology companies to offer discounted devices to Peace River North families.  

SD60 does not endorse the products and will not be involved in purchasing, service, warranties, or product issues. *Links to be added as agreements reached. 

Staples Canada

MS Affiliate Program – a percentage of proceeds via this program are returned to SD60.

Apple Canada Education Store



Reuse Tech BC

Service Accounts (Apple/iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft)

Devices will require an account to download apps or software. Students should be able to add apps/software to their devices either individually or with their parents. Whichever way a family decides to proceed with this, remembering your Apple/Microsoft App Store or Google Play accounts & passwords for your devices is a very important skill.  

Wi-Fi (how to connect)

Wi-Fi at Schools

  1. On your device select the SD60-Public wi-fi.
  2. The password can be retrieved from your school office staff or teachers. It may be prominently posted in your school and would be a password like
  3. Open a browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari)
  4. When the Cisco-Meraki Authentication pop up appears read and accept the notice.
  5. If it asks for authentication use your Learn60 account.
    1. If this pop-up does not appear, try navigating to a site like The authentication window should appear. If you connect, you are already authenticated and able to use the internet.
    2. Authentication is good for 24 hours

Acknowledgement – Our BYOD strategy is based on the work of Halton District School Board – , and remixed with the SD60 Joint Technology Advisory Committee