• Find 3D printing resources in Digmore

    Our school district is experiencing greater interest in 3D printing and many schools now have access to this technology. Tech Services is creating resources to support this learning endeavour. Click the link below to access an overview on 3D printing and some steps to follow to help you get the most out of your 3D […]

  • The difference between Chromebooks and Laptops

    It is important as educators to consider the differences between how Chromebooks and Laptops function to support learning. Chromebooks function differently than computers (laptops) or devices that download apps, such as Smart Phones or iPads. Chromebooks generally have 32 gigs of onboard storage (most are only 16 gigs), of which 10 gigs are taken up […]

  • ShareEd BC

    ShareEdBC is an online platform that provides Educators and Educational Contributors across the province access to curated content aligned with BC’s curriculum. ShareEdBC aims to help users from around the province the ability to share and find a collection of resources designed to support the goals of the BC curriculum. ShareEdBC is a place for […]

  • WWP to… CWT!

    TL;DR – The extension to the grade 6 1:1 program has been approved! New name and focus. – TL;DR means Too Long; Didn’t Read and you’ll see it on various online forums. It is a very short summary of the text below.  Some History The 1:1 Wireless Writing Program has been a long term innovative […]

  • Math in the Community

    The City of Fort St John recently tweeted out garbage and recycling stats. This is a great real world learning object for a wide variety of grades / curricular areas. Roughly 65 elephants worth of garbage NOT going to the land fill. Yay #yxj!! pic.twitter.com/jnWgboIfLp — City of Fort St John (@fortstjohn) March 4, 2016 […]

  • WWP 2015 Inventory

    Please note the following dates for end of year WWP inventory June 3 – no more take home allowed after this date June 9 – teachers/schools to phone home if any ipads have not yet come back Between June 3 and inventory please check to see that students have not attached a private itunes account […]

  • BCeSIS, Java, Yosemite OS X 10.10

    For people that have upgraded their OS to Yosemite on their Mac you may need to fix Java before being able to use BCeSIS. 1. If you’ve installed Oracle’s java 7, You’ll need to remove it. Follow the instructions at the link at https://www.java.com/en/download/help/mac_uninstall_java.xml 2. Download –  http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US 3. Open Terminal by clicking on your magnifying glass […]

  • The Last WWP macbook Inventory (and the 2nd for iPads)

    We are at that time of year again for inventory of our WWP devices. This will be a landmark as it is the last year we will be doing inventory on our macbooks. Inventory Schedule Adapted from last year June 10 – Upper Halfway, Wonowon, Clearview June 11 – Buick, Prespatou, Charlie Lake June 12 […]

  • Wireless Writing Program Changes – 2014-2015

    Due to funding restraints and a required Provincial Savings Plan, our Wireless Writing Program will be modified and adjusted to a different and less expensive model. Wireless Writing has met its educational goals and has been a very successful program for the last ten years thanks to the work of our teachers and staff. For […]