• How to re-enable Java for BCeSIS and OS X 10.7, 10.8

    Many teachers with personally owned Mac computers have newer operating systems than the  district owned computers. These newer operating systems have had a recent update which removes the Apple version of Java completely from the machine. Often people will resort to adding the Oracle version of Java (version 7 or something) to try and get […]

  • Student Information System feedback

    As part of my role on the executive steering committee for the next student information system in BC I would ask that you look at the draft requirements that are now available on the BC Education Plan website. Individuals are invited to provide comments Requirements documents and a feedback form were posted on the Education […]

  • Projects – looking for interested Teachers / Classrooms

    Walk the Solar System Technology Services is continuing to accept content from teachers, classrooms and students for the Walk the Solar System project. We’d like to add that content to the individual pages for each solar body listed at http://www.prn.bc.ca/projects/solar/?page_id=39 . If you are doing work with the Solar System we would love to include sample […]

  • Blank Screen in BCeSIS on Mac OS X 10.6 and up?

    We’ve seen several blank screen issues for BCeSIS on Mac OS X 10.6 and up. This usually is a java issue. Steps to resolve it Remove any java application from Oracle Run system updates to load latest Java / Security patches from Apple See the video below for the next four bullets In Java Preferences […]

  • WWP Parent Presentation 2012-2013

    This year’s parent presentation for the Wireless Writing Program is pretty much the same as previous years with only minor edits. Download the PPT from the link below. 2012-13 WWP Parent Presentation

  • Wireless Writing Program – eventual hardware changes

    Friday I received our regular Apple education pricelist. Nothing unusual about that however it was announced that the white macbook which we are currently using has been discontinued. Parts will likely be available without issue for the rest of our cycle (we’re at 1.5 of 4 years) however for our expected refresh we will need […]

  • Owner

    This device is owned by School District 60 in Fort St John, British Columbia – as per the acceptable use agreement it is to be used for educational purposes only. If you believe this device to be stolen please forward it to the nearest law enforcement agency. You can also contact Technology Services at 250-785-4357

  • Teachers on Leave

    Laptops and other technology provided to teachers must be submitted to their administrator if they go on a leave. The administrator will forward the laptop to technology services who will add another account to the laptop for the teacher covering the leave. At the return of the teacher, if they are still assigned to a […]

  • Gartner Report on BCeSIS

    The Gartner Report on Student Information Systems and BCeSIS has been publicly released. It is available at http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/pubs/review_of_student_information_systems.pdf