• Library: Book Purchasing

    Fiction books:  Please feel free to purchase as many books with out MARC cataloguing as you like. These records require very little time to create. Non-Fiction books:  These books fall under the District Protocol when buying more than 25 books from a single supplier. Please purchase non-fiction from a supplier who offers MARC record cataloguing […]

  • Library: Literacy Support & Reading Program Mini-books

    Please do not send mini-books/booklets with 20 pages or less for cataloguing – unless they are grouped into bags. Indicate whether the call number should be Teacher-Reference or Everybody. Keep in mind these books are too tiny for the regular shelves.

  • Library Policy/Protocols/Guidelines

    We’ve created a new category so we can list library specific policies/protocols/guidelines for School District 60. This category and the posts in it pertain to district specific library functions, resources, services etc. The use of the blog will enable us to maintain the knowledge in a quickly accessible place for future and current staff to […]