Printer Purchasing – Procedure

New Printer Moratorium
Moratorium discussion from March 2012

Technology Services will no longer support the addition of new printers to the school district unless they have a specific educational purpose (ie adding a drafting class and needing a plotter, a new fine arts class needs a color printer etc)

This does not apply to replacement of current printers however but does apply to an expansion of the number of printers already in schools.

Replacement of current printers should consider the cost and volume of use for the printer to be replaced to determine if the printer should be decommissioned or be replaced with a different volume capacity.

3D printers are not included in this moratorium.

Technology Services will only purchase, install and maintained printers that are

  • Laser
  • Brand: HP or Canon
  • Duplex
  • Networked and Shared
  • Connected via windows print server
  • Multifunction where appropriate
  • Asset tagged

Exceptions can be made for special purpose printers (colour, or secretary cheque printers, plotters etc)

If a school wishes to purchase a replacement printer that technology services will support, they work order technology services via


Provincial carbon reporting, and cost reporting from other school districts have identified need for strategy to reduce printers, printing and paper consumption. Shared printers and multifunction devices reduce physical device duplication costs as well as power consumption etc. This hardware strategy will be eventually coupled with a printer use & education strategy.


Economic and Environmental sustainability. Managing Technology Services staff workload.


All District operations

Roles & Responsibilities 

Technology Services purchasing facilitator and technicians are required to follow the procedure




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