Starting in January of 2009 we will be adding the image below to various services or referring to your District Wide Login or DWL. Whenever you see this image it refers to the fact that this service uses your domain username and password.

Your DWL gives you access to mail, moodle, windows, network shares, and helpdesk.

DWL for staff follows the convention of first initial followed by last name. DWL for students follows the convention of firstnamelastname## where the ## is the year their account was created.

Some services still have unique usernames and passwords that are provided to you individually. Services such as websites using WordPress, Mac logins etc.

Visit the following link for articles tagged DWL with info on how to change or use your DWL.

Site secretaries can change DWL passwords if needed. There is more information on passwords at the Self Service link in the Help Pages menu above.

We do not do password support over the phone as per department policy.