• How to use Helpdesk Client Ticket updates

    After a recent update, Helpdesk client ticket updates have changed considerably. We have created a video to explain how update your tickets as a client or client admin. Just to be clear, clients can only update their own tickets. Client admins, or site admins, can update any tickets for their site. Please review the following […]

  • SD60 Data Backup Requirements

    This requirement has been created in response to an IT General Controls Audit conducted in the fall of 2018. Technology Services has had a robust backup strategy over the past several years This Requirement provides written documentation of the strategy already in place.  Requirement Technology Services will backup Server and Data with the following requirements: […]

  • Staff Password Requirements

    Requirement  Technology Services will require strong passwords and enable security restrictions for Active Directory (District Wide Login) resources with the following minimum requirements: Minimum number of characters (to be shared directly to staff) Complexity requirements (to be shared directly to staff) Maximum Password Age (to be shared directly to staff) Enforce Password History (to be […]

  • Granting Access Rights Requirement

    Requirement: Granting account access rights to a service that is managed by Technology Services must be requested in writing via  Work Order by the Manager responsible or their secretary on their behalf (except where rights are for the secretary then the manager should submit the WO). Purpose:  Provide appropriate rights granted by a manager to a […]

  • Encrypted Drives Requirement

    Requirement District computer and external storage (backup drives) should have encrypted drives. Recovery keys will be stored in the Asset’s information in Helpdesk in the encryption key field or the notes field. Purpose Data Security in the event of asset theft. Scope All computers and external storage. Roles & Responsibilities Technicians are responsible for ensuring […]

  • Sophos on Macs Requirement

    Requirement Supported Mac computers will have Sophos or other district protection suite installed. Purpose Data Security Scope Mac computers Roles & Responsibilities Technicians are responsible for ensuring that devices in scope and in service have Sophos installed and updating. Owner IT Manager History Updated: December 6, 2018 – formatting Created: February 8, 2018 Enforcement Technology […]

  • MDM License Requirement

    A $20 charge will be applied to new purchases of iOS and Mac devices to cover the cost of Mobile Device Management license costs. Technology Services will cover renewals of licenses. Purpose Financial Scope All new Apple device purchases Roles & Responsibilities Technology Services Tech Facilitator will include in billing to schools / departments. Owner […]

  • Procurement guidelines on Layer 3 Switches from Ministry – Procedure

    Procedure: Our Preferred Tier 1 Vendor is HP for Switches. Procurement of Layer 3 Switches For School Districts procuring layer 3 switches, to integrate school sites into the NGN PLNet infrastructure, the following features are required: 1 Gigabit port capabilities Spanning Tree Support Loop Protection VLAN capable Multicast Support The following layer 3 switch features […]

  • Digital Citizenship Plan and Computer Refresh Cycle Requirement

    Originally posted September 22, 2014. The computer desktop refresh cycle for schools replaces computers in labs as well as classroom teacher stations. This four year cycle has been in place since the 2010-2011 school year. A requirement for schools to continue receiving these computer refreshes is that Digital Citizenship and Safety needs to be planned […]