Granting Access Rights Requirement

Requirement: Granting account access rights to a service that is managed by Technology Services must be requested in writing via  Work Order by the Manager responsible or their secretary on their behalf (except where rights are for the secretary then the manager should submit the WO).

Purpose:  Provide appropriate rights granted by a manager to a staff member to services needed for employment.

Rationale: This requirement is in response to feedback from an IT General Controls Audit. Requests for rights are to be done in writing by someone with the authority to approve them rather than verbally.


Examples where a Work Order will be required:

  • New payroll staff member needs access to accounting system.
  • New teacher needs access to MyEd / Assess. A Work Order is required along with the confidentiality agreement (as per current practice).
  • A New LA requires school wide access to assess.
  • A staff member needs rights to manage a school or district web page.
  • Irregular on-boarding of a staff member due to exigent circumstances.
  • Specialty rights or access to network folders.

Examples of where a Work Order is not required:

  • Regular on-boarding of new staff. Process with HR and TS continues as before.

Roles & Responsibilities

Managers must request rights in writing.

Wide Area Network Specialist or other TS staff creating accounts must require written account rights requests.

Requirement Owner

Technology Services – Director


Enacted December 22, 2018.


Staff Training and Audit.