• Environmentally Sustainable Information Technology – Requirement

    Our department is working towards an Environmentally Sustainable Technology Services Department. We would like your feedback or new ideas in the comments. Technology Services will: Reuse wherever possible (refurbished machines) Recycle IT when it is at the end of usable life (data protection / destruction consideration) Power management via Software, Group Policy (Active Directory), User […]

  • Name Changes Procedure – Procedure

    Name changes are an intricate time consuming process for Technology Services. To aid in this we would ask that the process below be followed. Employee wishing to change their name must speak with Payroll (250-262-6000) and appear in person to sign necessary forms TS will detect the name change from the HR system and change […]

  • Catering for TS – Requirement

    In an effort to reduce our waste stream the following requirement has been created. All arms of the Technology Services department will follow these guidelines when purchasing food for sessions. Any containers/materials supplied by a caterer to deliver food should be preferably reusable or at least recyclable (no Styrofoam, no non-organic waste, no plastic utensils) […]

  • Retired Assets Procedure

    An asset that is non repairable should be retired to parts/recycle. The following staff can retire items IT Manager Senior Network Administrator Senior Local Area Network (SLAN) specialist Wide Area Network (WAN) specialist Local Area Network (LAN) specialists The SLAN is to remove our asset tag and place it into the binder of retired assets […]

  • Environmental Sustainability Procedure

    Technology services will reduce our environmental footprint whenever possible. Our department will be environmentally and fiscally sustainability. With this in mind we will do the following: -reuse or sell devices when appropriate rather than recycling -recycle computer parts when they reach an end of life and cannot be reused or sold. (before recycling a hard […]