Environmentally Sustainable Information Technology – Requirement

Our department is working towards an Environmentally Sustainable Technology Services Department. We would like your feedback or new ideas in the comments.

Technology Services will:

  • Reuse wherever possible (refurbished machines)
  • Recycle IT when it is at the end of usable life (data protection / destruction consideration)
  • Power management via Software, Group Policy (Active Directory), User Education
  • Power bars on your desk rather than hidden so devices can be totally shut off (Vampire electronics such as adapters, chargers etc)
  • Virtualization of Servers where appropriate (done!)
  • Energy Star / Energuide considerations before purchasing technology
  • Phase out CRT’s for LCD’s (already working on this as CRT’s are too dangerous to repair) (done!)
  • Appropriate devices used for the task (ie. mobile device instead of rack mount server for checking email) (done!)
  • Cleanliness of computers and their surrounds (lack of air flow / dust causes heat which results in higher fan RPM, higher level of failures of hardware)
  • Centralize Printing / Models (fewer models means fewer cartridge types, fewer printers means less power usage)

Please add some more in the comments if you have an idea to share!


Safe and sustainable environment.


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