Retired Assets Procedure

  • An asset that is non repairable should be retired to parts/recycle.
  • The following staff can retire items
    • IT Manager
    • Senior Network Administrator
    • Senior Local Area Network (SLAN) specialist
    • Wide Area Network (WAN) specialist
    • Local Area Network (LAN) specialists
  • The SLAN is to remove our asset tag and place it into the binder of retired assets
  • The audit date in inventory should be set when it is retired
  • A note written as to why it has been retired and where is it going (parts/recycle)
  • Assets are never deleted from the inventory
  • Storage devices are to be wiped/destroyed (added Sep 22, 2015 –


The purpose of this procedure is to maintain appropriate asset controls.


Any device with a numbered Property of School District 60 Seton asset tag falls under this procedure.

Roles & Responsibilities

IT Manager, Senior Network Administrator, Senior Local Area Network Specialist, Wide Area Network Specialist, and Local Area Network Specialists are responsible for the protection of information technology assets and retirement of devices when their usable life has ended.

Procedure Owner

IT Manager


Edited December 4, 2019 – included WAN and LAN in roles able to retire.
Created June 17, 2009


Technology Services staff education.