SD60 Data Backup Requirements

This requirement has been created in response to an IT General Controls Audit conducted in the fall of 2018. Technology Services has had a robust backup strategy over the past several years This Requirement provides written documentation of the strategy already in place. 


Technology Services will backup Server and Data with the following requirements:
• Local Server Machine Backup – Complete machine backup for restore and recovery purposes
• On-site and Off-site DATA backup for retrieval and recovery purposes (student DATA is not backed up offsite)
• Retention to be outlined by Secretary-Treasurer / School Board
• Scheduling and notification by the dedicated applications will be used
• Periodic restore and Data integrity checks to be performed


The purpose is to outline which Data is backed up as defined in Local copy and Offsite copy.


This requirement will impact all virtual and physical File servers, Web server and Database servers as well as virtual dedicated appliances.

Data centre Virtual machines will have a full system Veeam Backup created and stored locally as well as an offsite copy for Archive and recovery purposes.

Selected Virtual Machines will have their Data volumes and or Databases backed up offsite to a central remote server for archival and recovery purposes. Data Only.

Local site servers, non virtual machines, will have a local backup of the machine for recovery purposes. All Data will be backed up.

Local site servers will have an offsite copy, of the data volume only, saved to a central remote server for archive and recovery purposes. No Student data will be backed up.

Roles & Responsibilities

Retention Policy and archival data schedule to be outline by the Secretary-Treasurer and School Board.

LAN Technicians are responsible for the monitoring of their local site full system backups and recovery or restore of Local DATA, including student Data.

IT Manager and WAN are responsible for Data Centre Virtual Machine backups, restores, and offsite DATA backups and restores.

LAN Technicians are responsible for periodically verify the ability to recover Site Servers and Data files under a simulated environment and conditions.

IT Manager and WAN are to periodically verify the ability to recover VMs and/or offsite Data file recovery under a simulated environment and conditions.

Requirement Owner

Technology Services – IT Manager


Enacted: January 22, 2019
First Draft: December 18, 2018.


Enforcement will be handled either through settings in Windows Serve Backup, Veeam Backup and Recovery, and via DATA only by Backup Assist. Email Verifications will be used for monitoring backup verification completion. Scheduled simulated recoveries will be determined.