Acceptable Internet Use – Board Policy 4001

A couple of highlights from Board Policy 4001 – Acceptable Internet Use which governs all staff and students in their use of online resources along with the Acceptable Use Agreement which all students/parents are to receive at the beginning of the year if they wish to use any technology in the district.

  • Internet access is provided for educational and research purposes and to provide opportunities for collaborative work
  • Copyright violation is a bad thing, respect the work of others
  • Use of Internet/email for commercial, political, product/service advertising is prohibited
  • Your email is not private, district staff have access to your email – you should be cautious of what you send or write including private student information.
  • Security is a high priority, you should protect your accounts and passwords
  • Please refer to the network etiquette in the policy, be nice to each other online.
  • Users accept all risk

Please take the time and read 4001 so that you are aware of it.