Purchasing of Devices and Digital Citizenship and Safety Planning Requirement

For purchases of devices that students will be using there must be a plan in place for explicit teaching of Digital Citizenship and Safety before deployment of the devices. (iPads/Chromebooks/etc)

The Technology Administrator will discuss with the site Administrator prior to purchasing to verify that a plan is in place or will be in place prior to deployment.

Resources to Support

Learn60 Required Digital Citizenship Presentation (Parent and Student PDF)
Learn60 Required Digital Citizenship Presentation (Staff version with presentation notes)
K-5 Digital Literacy Scope and Sequence
Digital Citizenship and Safety resources Moodle

Planned Future Changes

Starting in 2015-2016 year and beyond a plan will need to be in place prior to refreshing of computer labs as per the District replacement cycle. Schools that will be getting a refresh of their lab in the summer or fall of 2015 will be required to have a plan in place that is posted on their school website on a permanent page.


Student Safety


All schools

Roles & Responsibilities

School Principals are responsible for including Digital Citizenship and Safety in school planning.




December 6, 2018: Updated format, minor updates to named roles
May 2, 2014: Created


Education of Administrative staff and Technology Services purchasing facilitator.