Ordering – Requirement

Schools wishing to order through technology services must do so via work order (helpdesk.prn.bc.ca). Please include what you are looking to order as well as the account code to charge.

If the order is for a computer we will normally purchase Dell or Apple computers for schools.

If the order is for a printer please follow our printer purchase requirement

After we have received the work order we will get a quote and send it to you to be approved. *Do not reply by email to the automated emails from helpdesk system*

It can be approved via email directly to who is ordering or by commenting on the work order. We will then order, configure if necessary, and deliver the item(s).

Update Notes

Please note that we have dropped approval via phone as we have had past cases where the approval has been disputed afterwards. We will only accept written approval.


Financial, and Practical. Purchases need to be approved by appropriate personnel. Tie ins to a variety of management systems requires that purchasing be done via specific personnel and companies that Technology Services works with.


If it requires an IP address and Technology Services staff will be required to install or service the items, it should be purchased through technology services.

Roles & Responsibilities

Purchasing staff at Technology Services and at Schools / Departments.




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May 11, 2011: Updated
December 15, 2008: Created


Staff Education. Purchases that are not made through Technology Services may not be supported.