• PowerSmart Idol

    Very proud to come and do some video of six grade 4 students from Charlie Lake school who entered and won a BC Hydro PowerSmart contest for a radio spot. The students worked with their teacher, Linda Haugen, during their grade 3 year to plan, write, and produce their commercial entry. This week they had […]

  • Computers for Schools

    I was often concerned about switching from an older thin client to a fat client around the power consumption difference. Looking at the signature line from Computers for Schools though I feel pretty good about it all of the sudden! Transfering 100 computers from business to schools extends their useful life, often by double and […]

  • TS raises a Ruckus

    Ruckus Wireless that is. The new district wireless system components have arrived. After successful implementation at the SBO since July we’ll be moving to replace most if not all of the seven year old Apple base stations in our schools with Ruckus Wireless devices. More to come.

  • Be Prepared to do Good

    Don’t be content in your life just to do no wrong. Be prepared everyday to try and do some good. -Sir Nicholas Winton http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SGJrHWhLKo

  • Tech and Inclusion

    Occasionally I get the chance to work with our great inclusion and LA Teachers on the odd technology project here and there. I much prefer working on something with them than my usual roll of telling them that we have to pay for software we want to put on computers. I was doing a video […]

  • Central and Smartboards

    Really enjoyed doing a Smartboard session with Central today. I saw lots of lights turning on with regards to technology and education. I’m sure they’ll make good use of the gift as well.

  • Smartboard and Document Camera

    Happy to have had a chance to demo a smartboard and document camera to the TS staff and two of the Dr. Kearney staff. Look for more coming to interested schools. Are you interested?

  • Haikus from Mail Outage

    In my usual way I asked the staff over at NPSS to respond to a test email, but asked that if they had comments about the service interruption to please put them in Haiku format. Points for effort, but not all follow the Haiku that I know. went to get my Email no mail made […]

  • CSW: Simon Lavoie

    I’d like to welcome, Simon Lavoie, our new computer support worker to the district. Simon will be starting with us on November 17th in the shop and will eventually be attached to Ecole Central as their point CSW.