Tech and Inclusion

Occasionally I get the chance to work with our great inclusion and LA Teachers on the odd technology project here and there. I much prefer working on something with them than my usual roll of telling them that we have to pay for software we want to put on computers.

I was doing a video for Dr. K today of the PISP team helping with a student and their inclusion into the school community. They were providing her with an adapted iPod to make it easier for her to use and play some music they had on her SetBC machine. Even had a Wii to show kids that they could play together. On the iPod, I thought of our Spectrum server with the podcast capture and suggested that we have some of her tag students, who do the “Lame Joke of the Day” in Mrs. Gunn’s class, do some recordings for her. The recordings get put on an internal server and iTunes on the SetBC computer syncs with them and the iPod.

I’ve setup an account in spectrum, setup the computer and will revisit with Mrs. Blair and some of Mrs. Gunn’s students in the future.

I was explaining that on the scale of difficulty this is on the easy end of things. No really, it is! Looking forward to helping out on this some more.