Computers for Schools

I was often concerned about switching from an older thin client to a fat client around the power consumption difference. Looking at the signature line from Computers for Schools though I feel pretty good about it all of the sudden!

Transfering 100 computers from business to schools extends their useful life, often by double and is the equivilant of:

* Electricity to power 30 homes for a year

* A reduction in CO2 emissions of 1,469 metric tons

* Removing 13 cars from the road per year

* The weight of 9 refrigerators of primary material savings

* 9 pounds of toxic materials

Along with the reuse of a still capable computer we can apply power saving features from our LanREV software to save even more power!

We received 15 computers to replace Teacher-Librarian thin clients from CFS and they were immaculate and all Dell GX280s with at least 512Mb of ram and a windows xp pro license. For a low cost of $50 each! (The thin clients won’t support the new library system which will be implementing over the next two years.)

Time for a serious look at CFS