• UVic Technology Survey

    As part of our support to Post-Secondary Education Programs we are sharing this survey from UVic below for. Please do take some time to complete it. You are invited to participate in a short survey titled Evaluation of Technology Acceptance in K-12 education that is being conducted by Dr. Valerie Irvine and Aaron Bailey through the Faculty […]

  • ELC Survey

    In the fall of 2011 I did a social media presentation and survey with the Grade 10s at the Energetic Learning Campus. In September of 2012 students from the ELC (Grade 10 and 11 now) responded online using a Google Form. Here are questions and affirmative results from the two years. Fall Survey 2011 2012 n 107 […]

  • ELC Grade 10’s Presentation Survey Responses

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with students at the Energetic Learning Campus about social media and mobile technology. Between some videos and activities I asked some survey questions. Here are the results (total of 107 respondents) 71% had high speed internet 85% had a mobile phone 45% had a smartphone (defined by a web […]

  • Personally Owned Device Survey at NPSS

    Here are the results of a survey with 353 responses in a school of 1250 students regarding laptop/netbook/internet device ownership. Do you have a personal laptop, netbook or internet device you could bring to school on a daily basis? Yes 138 39% No 207 59% If you were required to have a personal laptop, netbook […]

  • BCeSIS report card pilot survey

    This is the second survey for the schools using BCeSIS for their report cards. http://www.surveygizmo.com/s/147777/bcesis-elementary-report-cards-survey-spring

  • Facebook Survey Results

    Here are the results from 219 responses to the Facebook survey that was published before the break. Facebook Survey Results