ELC Grade 10’s Presentation Survey Responses

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with students at the Energetic Learning Campus about social media and mobile technology. Between some videos and activities I asked some survey questions. Here are the results (total of 107 respondents)

71% had high speed internet

85% had a mobile phone

45% had a smartphone (defined by a web browser)

85% had a facebook account

22% had a twitter account (3% tweeted me something)

65% left their mobile on through the night. Several commented that their models while charging must be on.

18% had used social media in a sanctioned instructional activity in the past

44% had used their mobile in a sanctioned instructional activity in the past (many had just used them recently on their mask project to take pictures)

In one group where I was able to get through more of the presentation,  12 / 32 (37.5%) said their parents were facebook friends with them.

I look forward to having an opportunity to ask the questions again later in the year.