ELC Survey

In the fall of 2011 I did a social media presentation and survey with the Grade 10s at the Energetic Learning Campus. In September of 2012 students from the ELC (Grade 10 and 11 now) responded online using a Google Form. Here are questions and affirmative results from the two years.

Fall Survey20112012
Do you have high speed internet at home?Yes 71%Yes 81%
Do you have a mobile phone?Yes 85%Yes 85%
Is your mobile a smartphone?Yes 46%Yes 63%
Have you used your phone in a sanctioned instructional activity in the past?Yes 44%Yes 78%
Do you have a facebook account?Yes 85%Yes 82%
Do you have a twitter account?Yes 22%Yes 45%
Have you used social media in a sanctioned instructional activity in the past?Yes 18%Yes 59%
If you have a facebook account, are you friends with either of your parents?Yes 38%Yes 57%

Some questions for discussion…

What jumps out at you?
How do you think they might change next year?
Why do you think they are different from year to year?
What inferences can you make about one or more of these results?
Does socio-economic status of respondents make a difference in these results?
Are you influenced in one way or another to adopt or change a behaviour due to these results?

Please add some more questions that come to mind in the comments!