• Web server upgrades complete with one issue

    Web server upgrades started at 6pm tonight and were completed by 10:01pm. The sendmail needs to be looked at as wordpress sites are not currently sending any email. We will look at is over the next few days.

  • Student User Passwords

    An update to user passwords structures will be sent via email to secretaries and administrators. The change will be implemented this summer. The structure of passwords will apply to user accounts in K-12. Student accounts will have unique passwords. There will be no more generic school based passwords for K-5 students. There will be no change […]

  • JTAC Statement – Standard Tech in Classrooms

      The Joint Technology Advisory Committee is a committee comprised of members of the PRNTA, CUPE, Administration, and the Superintendent. It discusses issues involving technology in education, and school district business. Today’s discussion topic was Standard Technology in Classrooms. The Joint Committee has released the following statement: Classrooms should have a desktop computer or device […]

  • 2015-2016 Gr 4 Digital Citizenship and Safety Presentations Report

    Laurie Petrucci from Technology Services spent time this last year presenting to Grade 4 classes regarding Digital Citizenship and Safety. Her pre and post survey results are available in the linked PDF below. A key take away was before the session that half of our grade 4 students did not know that what they post […]

  • MS Home Use Program Renewed!

    I’m happy to say the Microsoft Office HUP has been renewed until March 31, 2018. This enables staff to purchase Office 2013 (PC) or Office 2011 (Mac) for their personally owned computers (up to two) for the low cost of $11. For more information on how to do this please see http://www.prn.bc.ca/ts/?p=1959 

  • MS HUP expired

    Our previous Microsoft Home Use Program (very inexpensive MS Office) expired March 31st, 2015. ERAC and MS are working on a new contract for us. Details will be posted when it arrives. Until then the HUP is not available.

  • 4:30pm Internet Outage Update

    PLNet reports that a technician has been dispatched and should be onsite shortly to the Vancouver Core Router to determine the cause of the outage. No ETR.

  • Outside internet not accessible

    Wednesday around 3:20 outside internet went down due to an unspecified error. Provincial Learning Network has informed that it is province-wide. No estimated time of repair has been given. Internal web and site to site appears to be working.

  • Allow List – Trusted Network Access

    Allow List (authored originally Feb 4, 2015) Technology Services is moving schools to an Allow List model of access to our networks. This is due to an overwhelming number of devices that have used up all available IP addresses at sites. An IP address is like a parking spot on the network. If no spots […]