• 3D Printing Support

    Most of SD60 schools now have one or more 3D Printers. Instructional support is available from Laurie Petrucci and technical support is available through Technology Services helpdesk. Local Area Network Specialists JP Wood and Kyle Drew have expertise with the 3D Printers and work together with Laurie. Please do not hesitate to contact them for […]

  • New Learning Together Calendar

    The Learning Together Calendar has been moved to www.prn.bc.ca/LT/ . We’ve tied it to a Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/sd60LT Here’s an example of an upcoming event – http://www.prn.bc.ca/LT/2017/10/03/an-afternoon-with-wordpress/ An Afternoon with WordPress – Nov 23, 2017 Session Description: Over a quarter of public websites run on WordPress. The majority of SD60 websites have run on WordPress for […]

  • Summer Helpdesk Hours

    Technology Services staff work through the summer with an adapted schedule. Phone and in person support is available during the summer from 7am-3:30pm Online support for SD60 staff available via Work Order at helpdesk.prn.bc.ca or bit.ly/sd60help for self service.

  • 4 year old iPad minis – ideas?

    It was announced last week that we would be refreshing the 1:1 grade 6 iPads this summer, see http://www.prn.bc.ca/ts/?p=2502 for more on that. At our last refresh of devices we replaced macbooks with ipads. The macbooks were then repurposed into carts at middle schools, made available to grade 5s in a 5/6 split, and as for the […]

  • Pre-Registered Kindergarten numbers for 2017-2018

      Below is a chart that we are updating several times a week with a few data points about kindergarten registration numbers. The red line is a projected number provided by a third party. The green line is local projections provided by each school. The orange line includes number of students newly pre-registered in the system plus […]

  • Planned Outage – Assess – Wednesday, February 15

    Our vendor will be doing some work with the Behaviour + module in Assess on February 15, 2017. The work is expected to take 4 hours during a window of 6am-12pm MST. The system may be unavailable during that time.

  • Ticket Charts

    Below are two charts that we keep monthly(ish) stats on our current work orders. The first chart shows Active (all types other than closed), Open, Scheduled/Pending, Waiting for parts. We have a few other ticket types that are traditionally low numbers so they aren’t included on the chart. The Active line is a sum of […]

  • 3yr Department Plan

    Our running 3yr department plan is available in the menu above