Online Registrations – MyEdBC

We are now accepting student registrations online via MyEducation BC. Parents/guardians can now enrol their children entering Kindergarten in the fall. For any parents/guardians that would like to register their children,  please visit the following link . For any issues or concerns, please contact the school that you are registering your child in. School […]

Adobe Flash Player retired

Adobe Flash player has been slated for retirement in January 2021. Some Browsers will be actively blocking flash content and some sites may have resources limited. For more information, please visit the Adobe site here.

Sep 29 Assess + Helpdesk outage

In order to repair issues with Assess (TLS warnings, Class review errors) we are scheduling an outage for the full day on Tuesday. This outage will also impact the database server that supports Helpdesk. Date: Tuesday, September 29th, 2020  Time frame: starting at 7am – up to a full day Services Impacted: Assess, Helpdesk, Database server How does this affect […]

Time to update your Chrome and Firefox Browsers!

It’s always a good idea to keep your browsers up-to-date. Click on the following link to access instructions on how to update your Chrome and Firefox Browsers on a Mac or PC. How to Update your Chrome and Firefox Browsers on a Mac and PC

PLANNED OUTAGE – ASSESS Portal – Oct 11, 2019, 8am-12pm

Please note that our vendor will be working on the software for our ASSESS portal and it will not be available for use on Friday, October 11th, 2019 from 8am – 12pm. Please plan accordingly and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

SD60 Data Backup Requirements

This requirement has been created in response to an IT General Controls Audit conducted in the fall of 2018. Technology Services has had a robust backup strategy over the past several years This Requirement provides written documentation of the strategy already in place.  Requirement Technology Services will backup Server and Data with the following requirements: […]

Staff Password Requirements

Requirement  Technology Services will require strong passwords and enable security restrictions for Active Directory (District Wide Login) resources with the following minimum requirements: Minimum number of characters (to be shared directly to staff) Complexity requirements (to be shared directly to staff) Maximum Password Age (to be shared directly to staff) Enforce Password History (to be […]

Granting Access Rights Requirement

Requirement: Granting account access rights to a service that is managed by Technology Services must be requested in writing via  Work Order by the Manager responsible or their secretary on their behalf (except where rights are for the secretary then the manager should submit the WO). Purpose:  Provide appropriate rights granted by a manager to a […]

SD60 WebApps site is not available from outside the School District network. 

We’re sorry. The SD60 WebApps site is not available from outside the School District network.  If you are attempting to change your password, your best bet is to try again from your school (or a School District location). If you are a TOC, Casual, or a Bus Driver, you can see any secretary to get your […]