• Wireless Writing Program Changes – 2014-2015

    Due to funding restraints and a required Provincial Savings Plan, our Wireless Writing Program will be modified and adjusted to a different and less expensive model. Wireless Writing has met its educational goals and has been a very successful program for the last ten years thanks to the work of our teachers and staff. For […]

  • WWP Parent Presentation 2012-2013

    This year’s parent presentation for the Wireless Writing Program is pretty much the same as previous years with only minor edits. Download the PPT from the link below. 2012-13 WWP Parent Presentation

  • Wireless Writing Program – eventual hardware changes

    Friday I received our regular Apple education pricelist. Nothing unusual about that however it was announced that the white macbook which we are currently using has been discontinued. Parts will likely be available without issue for the rest of our cycle (we’re at 1.5 of 4 years) however for our expected refresh we will need […]

  • Six Word Story – Instructional Strategy

    I’ve seen this someplace and was re-inspired by twitter this morning as I noticed the #sixwordstory hashtag. I created a quick powerpoint presentation about them and have shared on SlideShare. File and embedded are below. Six Word Story Six Word Story, Six Words, One Picture: Writing Strategy View more presentations from School District 60: Peace […]

  • Old laptops from WWP

    A question arose about the laptops replaced by the new lease in our 1:1 program. We did lease 900 new laptops which will go into the hands of grade 6 and 7 students and their teachers. The 4yr old macbooks they replaced were moved into the carts in grade 8 and the middle schools to […]

  • Teacher Laptops to be returned this year (to be swapped)

    All teachers will be required to return their laptops this year. We need to consider how this is going to be done and I’ll provide some options, but would like you to comment on the post (remember it is public) if you have a preference or other suggestion… Option 1 All Teachers will be required […]

  • WWP Announcement: Middle Schools

    Grade 7 classes at the middle schools will be part of the 1:1 Wireless Writing Program. The core grade 7 teacher will be expected to be using the laptops as per the usual WWP expectations. Professional development will be provided in a similar fashion for new and veteran teachers to the WWP. Possible Changes to […]

  • WWP 2009 Roll-Out Feedback

    With WWP Roll-out nearing an end I would ask for your constructive feedback on the process. It is apparent to me that while we do better at some things, other things require attention that may not have in previous years. There were a number of laptops that were not correctly repaired through the summer months […]