• 5 challenges and 5 discontinuities

    David Porter How do you harness the disroptive technologies in your classroom? The backchannel is very productive and should be enhanced! Twitter questions? Should we outsource infrastructure to free up people who maintain it? We are with mail! Curric develop should be done by teacher/ professionals/private together www.sfu.ca/~davidp/LNBC.pdf 5 Challenges 1 Reaching and engaging today’s […]

  • inspire learning by being technologically adventurous

    There has been an alarming increase in the things I do not know! This statement can make our staff uncomfortable as the traditional sage on the stage role has been to know it all! Time to switch in many cases to guide on the side. Triple bottom line… Employees Students Community Do we look at […]

  • Privacy and Disclosure in Online Environments

    Judith Blanchette Privacy in web2.0 What does privacy mean to you? Safety issues for youth as they might not realize what they are doing or where they are releasing their info. Three types 1 informational (psychological) 2 accessibility (Physical) 3 expressive (Interactional) Actual privacy (objective) Perceived privacy (subjective) Photo by bekathwia (sweater) There exists generational […]

  • 7 principles of online education

    1 contact between students and faculty 2 develop cooperation among students 3encourage active learning 4 give prompt feedback 5 emphasize time on task 6 communicate high expectations 7 respect diverse talents and ways of learning

  • lego robotics

    Dereck has create a robotics 9 course using lego mindstorms. Basic kits are around 400 dollars. Need a computer. Uses Spectrum to supply parts. Funded through mitchell odessey. About 6000 for a class lab plus computers. Enhances math, physics, engineering, problem solving etc. Many partners with universities and schools. Could be a great DL course.students […]

  • Edusim

    something cool for smartboards with 3d worlds. http://edusim3d.com/

  • Using an LMS for school communication

    A well thought out forum/wiki/blog/LMS would be excellent for schools especially trying to share information constantly with new teachers. Experienced teachers have all the knowledge shared from past emails, but new people have no reference. We could also start working at the department level to help build some of these in moodle and eventually expand […]

  • Empressr and Slideshare

    Rich media presentation tool that can be embedded anywhere http://www.empressr.com/ (can build them here) http://slideshare.net (can just upload previously created here) Here’s one from today about social media Social Media Stories View more presentations from Seth Goldstein.