• Technology Grant Results for 2013-2014

    The following schools have been granted projectors through the early 2013-2014 technology grant. We ran this early this year as the 2013-2014 tech grant budget will be completely spent on year 4 of the desktop replacement cycle due to a larger number of computers in year 4. Every school that requested a projector for a […]

  • 2011 Technology Grant – update

    The 2011 Technology Grant is now closed to submissions. The grant budget for the year is around $45,000 dollars. Around a quarter of that goes to lab and teacher desktop refurbishment cycle as agreed to in the 2010-2011 school year. Most of those dollars go to purchasing equipment from Computers for Schools British Columbia, or […]

  • 2010-2011 Tech Grant

    There were $55,000 worth in requests to the SD60 technology grant this fall for projectors and Smartboards. The grant has an approximate budget of 44k. 22.5k has been provided to requests from schools while the remainder will be used to upgrade school labs and teacher stations according to the replacement cycle that was put in […]