2010-2011 Tech Grant

There were $55,000 worth in requests to the SD60 technology grant this fall for projectors and Smartboards. The grant has an approximate budget of 44k. 22.5k has been provided to requests from schools while the remainder will be used to upgrade school labs and teacher stations according to the replacement cycle that was put in place last year. Thank you to the schools that have set aside dollars to help offset purchases from the tech grant.

Any remaining dollars after labs and classrooms have been refreshed will be spent according to requests that were not fulfilled in the first round of the grant later in the year. We may also look at spending dollars on document cameras as there were several requests to include it in the grant.

The grant results are below. All smartboards will be 64″ without a stand. It is the school’s responsibility to submit work orders for mounting of smartboards (and projectors if they wish them mounted as well). For more on that please see this post http://www.prn.bc.ca/ts/?p=647

School, # of projectors, # of smartboards

Alwin Holland 0,1
Bert Ambrose 1,0
Bert Bowes 1,1
Charlie Lake 1,1
Clearview 1,1
Dr Kearney 0,2
Duncan Cran 0,1
Hudson’s Hope 1,1
Prespatou 1,1
Taylor 1,1
Upper Pine 1,1