• 2015-2016 Gr 4 Digital Citizenship and Safety Presentations Report

    Laurie Petrucci from Technology Services spent time this last year presenting to Grade 4 classes regarding Digital Citizenship and Safety. Her pre and post survey results are available in the linked PDF below. A key take away was before the session that half of our grade 4 students did not know that what they post […]

  • Digital Citizenship Plan and Computer Refresh Cycle Requirement

    Originally posted September 22, 2014. The computer desktop refresh cycle for schools replaces computers in labs as well as classroom teacher stations. This four year cycle has been in place since the 2010-2011 school year. A requirement for schools to continue receiving these computer refreshes is that Digital Citizenship and Safety needs to be planned […]

  • Purchasing of Devices and Digital Citizenship and Safety Planning Requirement

    For purchases of devices that students will be using there must be a plan in place for explicit teaching of Digital Citizenship and Safety before deployment of the devices. (iPads/Chromebooks/etc) The Technology Administrator will discuss with the site Administrator prior to purchasing to verify that a plan is in place or will be in place […]

  • Button Cell Battery Dangers

    Last night I received a flyer from a car seller with a contest gimmick key code device that lit up. Here were my thoughts on seeing this interesting gimmick this will be junk in a minute for many people and will go in the garbage there has to be a battery in there to light […]

  • Social Media Advice from Grade 10s

    A few weeks back I did a presentation with the Grade 10 Energetic Learning Campus students about social media. One activity I had the groups do was some advice to themselves when they were younger or advice they would give to a younger sibling (we appended the instructions to a younger sibling that you like) […]

  • Social Responsibility Online & with Technology

    I do parent night presentations through September for our 1:1 program and a few nights about various online topic through the school year. I’m going to use this post to collect what I think are some salient thoughts, experiences and questions & some answers. Please comment to add some more! Adults need to participate in […]

  • Internet Safety Presentation with Parents

    Internet Safety with Parents Had an enjoyable evening with several parents last night about internet and safety. I’ve included the presentation above, but it was mostly great conversations. I tracked questions and concerns on twitter and have included them below. jbellsd60 what are the right questions to be asking our kids? #sd60 jbellsd60 time and […]