• Tech Aware Podcast – Episode 1 – Digital Tattoo

    The Tech Aware Podcast was created as part of a joint Professional Growth Plan with Norbert Kaspar and Jarrod Bell. The Tech Aware podcast is focuses at students but helpful as well for parents, and teachers. Our first monthly episode looks at your Digital Tattoo. What are you posting or what is being posted about […]

  • Tech and Inclusion

    Occasionally I get the chance to work with our great inclusion and LA Teachers on the odd technology project here and there. I much prefer working on something with them than my usual roll of telling them that we have to pay for software we want to put on computers. I was doing a video […]

  • Apple: John Maschak

    Todd, Marla, Jenny, Jeff, Rick, Chad, Gerry, John, Louis, Jarrod, Charlie, Toni, Norbert in attendance. Free writing activity: Topic Christmas (write 25 words that describe Christmas) wreath family home travel ornaments noel song together snow skiing tree food charity giving green red sleigh lights select all words, copy, open a browser to wordle.net, create, paste […]