• Clearview Internet

    SD60 along with possible partners are working towards expanding internet connectivity not only to Clearview School but the surrounding areas. Internet has become a critical infrastructure for schools, companies, and many residents. Below is a map with some possible partners and significant locations in the Clearview/Flat Rock/Goodlow area. If you are interested in joining the […]

  • Internet Services – Board Office

    Internet service at the Board Office has been restored. Telus identified an issue with their equipment and by 4:00pm had the faulty fibre equipment replaced. Thank-you for your understanding and patience while we resolved this issue.

  • Internet Issues – Board Office

    We are currently experiencing random internet service outages at the Board Office. PLnet and Telus are working on this issue and Telus has identified a problem with their fibre switch. As soon as Tech Services knows more we will update you. Thank you for your patience.

  • Acceptable Internet Use – Board Policy 4001

    A couple of highlights from Board Policy 4001 – Acceptable Internet Use which governs all staff and students in their use of online resources along with the Acceptable Use Agreement which all students/parents are to receive at the beginning of the year if they wish to use any technology in the district. Internet access is […]

  • Parent Internet Session – March 10th

    Come join Jarrod Bell (Principal of Technology) and Norbert Kaspar (Vice Principal NBCDES) as they present their second Parent Internet Session of the year. Demystifying the Internet (March 10 – 7:00 – 8:30 – SB0 – School District Office back door, in the District Development Centre) Facebook? Twitter? Youtube? Moodle? What’s all this stuff? This […]

  • Internet Safety Presentation with Parents

    Internet Safety with Parents Had an enjoyable evening with several parents last night about internet and safety. I’ve included the presentation above, but it was mostly great conversations. I tracked questions and concerns on twitter and have included them below. jbellsd60 what are the right questions to be asking our kids? #sd60 jbellsd60 time and […]