• 2015-2016 Gr 4 Digital Citizenship and Safety Presentations Report

    Laurie Petrucci from Technology Services spent time this last year presenting to Grade 4 classes regarding Digital Citizenship and Safety. Her pre and post survey results are available in the linked PDF below. A key take away was before the session that half of our grade 4 students did not know that what they post […]

  • Purchasing of Devices and Digital Citizenship and Safety Planning Requirement

    For purchases of devices that students will be using there must be a plan in place for explicit teaching of Digital Citizenship and Safety before deployment of the devices. (iPads/Chromebooks/etc) The Technology Administrator will discuss with the site Administrator prior to purchasing to verify that a plan is in place or will be in place […]

  • Social Media Advice from Grade 10s

    A few weeks back I did a presentation with the Grade 10 Energetic Learning Campus students about social media. One activity I had the groups do was some advice to themselves when they were younger or advice they would give to a younger sibling (we appended the instructions to a younger sibling that you like) […]