The wind

Last week SD60 staff from schools and departments were fortunate to hear Shelley Moore (@tweetsomemoore) speak about inclusion. During the session she shared the video below.


Her point was that Technology in schools and Technology to support inclusion is the wind and we need to stop ignoring it. We should not ignore devices and tools that can facilitate the inclusion of a child into a classroom. I’ve been involved with or supported students who got to fully participate and access the curriculum because of the technology tool available to them. I’ve also seen many students that there is no access without the technology.

While purchasing the latest and greatest can be a challenge, many devices are available with the occasional ask or simply allowing them to cross the threshold into our schools and classrooms. SD60 has a Bring Your Own Device strategy that can help with this.

Text to speech and speech to text capabilities on mobile devices is the first thing to try if you haven’t experienced them. If you need support on that or on what more they can do please ask Learning or Technology Services, or check with your school team!

Thanks again to Shelley for a wonderful, empowering session.

My sketchnotes are included below.