• Useful for new Tweeters – Anatomy of a Tweet

    Anatomy of a Tweet MT @okmbio: Useful for new tweeters. RT @bkuhn: gr8 slide from @shareski explaining a tweet #bclearns #sd60 #edtechbc pic.twitter.com/lUYWGVAY — Jarrod Bell (@jbellsd60) November 23, 2012

  • What is MT in Twitter?

    Many of you familiar with twitter know that RT signifies a Retweet. MT stands for a Modified Tweet or Mention Tweet (thanks to John for the Mention Tweet). I edit some retweets so I can fit in a comment or change a hashtag. When I do, I change the letters RT to MT and leave […]

  • Twitter phishing example – think before you click

    Think before you click. That’s one of the themes of several talks that I do, or emails out to staff around nefarious communications that we receive digitally. One I haven’t talked much about is people using twitter as the medium to get you to click through instead of via email. I received this tweet below […]

  • Brain to Twitter Link?

    Yesterday I was looking at a local Paper.li which is a service that allows you to build a newspaper from people’s tweets/facebook. Really great web app. I stumbled onto something that led me to what I figured out were a couple of students at our local high school. The tweet was something about loving Mr. […]