• Responses to Online Communication

    The face in the “Don’t Feed the Trolls” icon I made above is from various places on the internet (which, nb: are not always safe for work). The icon is often used when someone is being trolled and is frequently called the trollface [wikipedia]. Trolling is the act of intentionally trying to anger, frustrate, or […]

  • Social Media Advice from Grade 10s

    A few weeks back I did a presentation with the Grade 10 Energetic Learning Campus students about social media. One activity I had the groups do was some advice to themselves when they were younger or advice they would give to a younger sibling (we appended the instructions to a younger sibling that you like) […]

  • Facebook Scams

    You have probably have seen the latest trend on Facebook for scammers. You may have even had these strange posts on your Facebook wall. There will be a post on a users Facebook page like ‘OMG!! Guys, you have to see this: or where they try and get you to Like a product page. When […]