• SMART Tech at Taylor

    From Mr Gill at Taylor Elementary SMART Technology: Taylor Elementary School’s use of SMART Technology has assisted students’ learning needs!  Mrs. McDonell has been using her smart board to help her grade 3 students discover new strategies for numeracy.  Most  classrooms are equipped with interactive SMART Boards and Document Cameras to enhance the learning experiences […]

  • Smartboard Session with Sian Sladen from Evolution Technologies

    http://delicious.com/ssladen/learning_resources (includes any links that Sian uses in her presentation) smarttech.com for training links Reference Manual that Sian passed around on her memory stick Showed a great trick for revealing notes using text written in the same background colour and create a coloured rectangle. The rectangle is ordered (right click > order) to the back […]

  • Smartboard Inservice – April 29th.

    From an email to the AO’s Evolution Learning Technologies, our BCERAC partner for Smartboards, is providing a teacher, Sian Sladen, M.Ed, for April 29th to do two half-day inservices for our teachers using smartboards. TS will cover the TOC costs for schools to send a staff member. I would ask AO’s to nominate one person […]

  • Smartboards with Connective Technology (Bridges)

    I’ve been doing some twittering on the Techitup conference but wanted to switch back to the blog… You can see previous microblogging @jbellsd60 on twitter. Bridges distributes edtech and assistive tech across Canada – looking at today how their tech and new tech (smartboards) integrate. Bridges conference this year is looking at RTI. As we […]

  • Smartboard and Document Camera

    Happy to have had a chance to demo a smartboard and document camera to the TS staff and two of the Dr. Kearney staff. Look for more coming to interested schools. Are you interested?

  • Smartboard resource site

    Great site sharing smartboard notebook files in french and english. http://blogs.wsd1.org/iwb/