• Tagged For Life

    The Canadian Safe School Network shared this blog post and the video below from the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Cybersmart program called Tagged for Life. It does contain some mature content and language and with any video resources it should be previewed and considered before showing it to students. This is an excellent piece for […]

  • Brain to Twitter Link?

    Yesterday I was looking at a local Paper.li which is a service that allows you to build a newspaper from people’s tweets/facebook. Really great web app. I stumbled onto something that led me to what I figured out were a couple of students at our local high school. The tweet was something about loving Mr. […]

  • Tech Aware Podcast – Episode 1 – Digital Tattoo

    The Tech Aware Podcast was created as part of a joint Professional Growth Plan with Norbert Kaspar and Jarrod Bell. The Tech Aware podcast is focuses at students but helpful as well for parents, and teachers. Our first monthly episode looks at your Digital Tattoo. What are you posting or what is being posted about […]

  • Digital Tattoo

    I’ll borrow UBC’s Digital Tattoo website name for a presentation I’m doing this afternoon with the AHCOTE teachers about their digitial presence online and where they may need to be for their future teaching careers. Here’s the preso. Digital Tattoo Presentation (PPT)