• Regional Workshop – Curriculum & Assessment

    This afternoon I was able to attend a presentation about a prototype for curriculum and assessment at the North Peace Cultural Centre. There were over 80 participants from School Districts 59 and 60 who took part in what I felt were exciting proposals around how we handle curriculum and assessment in the future. Here are […]

  • Assessment and the Jackhammer

    This weekend I had the chance to help a friend and teacher in our district with quite a difficult project. Jackhammering and excavating a sewer line under a basement floor. The line was also twenty-four inches below the finished floor. So it was a very difficult job and after a night and a full day […]

  • 2009 FSA Planning Conference

    FSA Planning Conference, October 28th e-FSA lots of upgrades from plnet and awis tremendous amount of load testing confident problems encountered have been solved not certain on some of the reasons for latency issues e-FSA 2009 Planning lower rate of use in the afternoon provincially highest at 9am, 11am Pacific need to run sample test […]