• Allow List – Trusted Network Access

    Allow List (authored originally Feb 4, 2015) Technology Services is moving schools to an Allow List model of access to our networks. This is due to an overwhelming number of devices that have used up all available IP addresses at sites. An IP address is like a parking spot on the network. If no spots […]

  • Allow List at DK progress

    At the end of the day Tuesday we have 258/437 IPs used at DK on the trusted network with the change over to the allow list. 40% available is excellent where quite often before this would be in single digits or at zero! The lease times have been reset to 7 days. This should help […]

  • Networking Changes at Dr. Kearney

    Over the last year we have made some networking changes at Dr. Kearney and Bert Bowes. A significant change was to add a virtual local area network that allows for a separate network for internet only connections for personal devices. This is accessed through the wireless network SSID SD60-Public. This network has space for 64000 […]