Sep 29 Assess + Helpdesk outage

In order to repair issues with Assess (TLS warnings, Class review errors) we are scheduling an outage for the full day on Tuesday. This outage will also impact the database server that supports Helpdesk.
Date: Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 

Time frame: starting at 7am – up to a full day
Services Impacted: Assess, Helpdesk, Database server
How does this affect me? If you use Assess or Helpdesk it will not be available to you on Tuesday the 29th, potentially for the whole day. 
For anyone that was planning on entering IEP or other information into Assess on Tuesday record it offline (eg in Word doc) and enter the information after the outage. This outage does not affect MyEd BC.
The services may respond sporadically during the upgrade process but please do not try and login.
A notice will be sent when the work is completed.