For Discussion – New Printer Moratorium

Originally posted March 12, 2012

In light of a cost report done at the Vancouver School Board which referenced printers and printing costs along with our requirement to have various printing reduction strategies in place for Provincial carbon reporting I would suggest the following change to the Printer Purchasing Policy which is currently at

Suggested addition:

New Printer Moratorium

Technology Services will no longer support the addition of new printers to the school district unless they have a specific educational purpose (ie adding a drafting class and need a plotter, a new fine arts class needs a color printer etc)

This does not apply to replacement of current printers however but does apply to an expansion of the number of printers already in schools.

Replacement of current printers should consider the cost and volume of use for the printer to be replaced to determine if the printer should be decommissioned or be replaced with a different volume capacity.

3D printers are not included in this moratorium.

As usual your public comments help to guide our practice. Private comments can be sent via email.