Feb 2010 FSA Results – in response to Energeticcity

Energeticcity recently posted a story about School District 60 kids and stats on FSA, class size, and Provincial Exams.


I’d like Energeticcity to reference where they are getting their results from as they are mixing various reports which may represent different years however no referencing makes their assertions difficult to verify or refute and paints an unclear picture for members of our community. From the article,

In the FSA Student Achievement report School District 60 ranks higher than the provincial average with grade 4 students in reading and numeracy, SD 60 ranks lower in writing. In grade 7 students, the district ranks higher in reading, but lower than the provincial average in writing and numeracy.

Which year are you looking at in that statement? Here’s my synopsis of the February 2010 FSA with SD60 and Provincial results along with the reports and links to where you can find them. These reports show that SD60 students are equal to or  higher in all areas in reading, writing, and numeracy except for grade 7 numeracy for students meeting or exceeding expectations on the FSA.

2010 FSA Results for Grade 4 – % of Students Meeting or Exceeding

Reading: 68%  SD60 / 68% Province – 0% difference

Writing: 81% SD60 / 69% Province – +12% SD60

Numeracy: 67% SD60 / 63% Province- + 4% SD60

2010 FSA Results for Grade 7 – % of Students Meeting or Exceeding

Reading: 65%  SD60 / 65% Province – 0% difference

Writing: 78% SD60 / 68% Province – + 10% SD60

Numeracy: 56% SD60 / 63% Province – +7% Province

Feb 2010 Provincial FSA Results

Feb 2010 SD60 FSA Results

taken June 29, 2010 from