BCeSIS notes…

BCeSIS Scheduled Outage: March 5 @ 5pm PST until March 9th @ 5pm PST.
As noted on the www.isw-bc.ca will be a scheduled outage during the Provincial spring break which does not coincide with our spring break.
You need to be logged off before the beginning of the outage as work entered may be lost if you are still logged in.
We have of course voiced complaint regarding this time along with other districts who do not follow the Provincial spring break.

Correct Website for BCeSIS
I’ve noticed while working with several people that they do an internet search for BCeSIS and click on a link which takes them directly to the log in screen.
This is not the correct way to access BCeSIS. Staff should always access the database through www.isw-bc.ca as there are critically important messages regarding planned or emergent outages that must be read.
There is also a link to BCeSIS on our district website which takes you to the ISW.