Account management for MyEducationBC

Nov 21, 2013: I understand that the user accounts for ConnectEdBC MyEducationBC will be handled through BCeID. Past practice was that accounts were handled within BCeSIS itself. I’m assuming that this will become a handshake kind of procedure where you would log in to a site with your BCeID credentials which would authenticate and then pass you over to MyEducationBC.

I currently use BCeID for some provincial reporting that I do. I also manage accounts for district staff that have similar roles.

My past experience with BCeID has been that there have been the occasional failure of the system where authentication would not work. Frequent enough that it came to mind as a concern that BCeID authentication could be a pinch point for the new provincial SIS. I’ve raised this with the Core Application Configuration and Transition Working Group as a concern. I’ve been told that there is ongoing work to make BCeID more robust and reliable.

I would not want failures on the account authentication side to reflect poorly on the new SIS as while they will obviously be connected, it would reflect poorly on the SIS when the blame should fall somewhere else. Especially when everything I have seen so far in the Aspen software is pretty exciting!

Feb 19, 2014 Update: BCeID will be the accounts system. It will be a task for us as part of implementation to create a BCeID for every user who will need access into MyEducationBC.