• I won the lottery!

    People must still be falling for these kind of phishing attacks where you get a notice about getting something for nothing as I saw this in my spam folder today saying I won the “Espanyol Lotter”. I sincerely hope that if ever you see these messages that offer something for nothing that your Phishing and […]

  • SMS Phishing

    I received a text message today and it made me think about an increase in phishing attacks via text messaging or SMS. You’ll recall that phishing is using a social engineering technique to get you to respond by clicking or trying to login or give your personal info to a fake website. This usually comes […]

  • Gone Phishing

    Email services are regularly receiving phishing attacks. Our servers block many but a few get by on occasion. A Phishing attack is usually  an official sounding email about a bank, ebay, paypal, facebook, etc that is looking to get you to follow a link to fill in information about yourself or account information so that […]